Common Institutes for Education and Research

Information Strategy and Technology Center

The Information Strategy and Technology Center, a facility for common use on the campus, is available for a wide range of activities such as scientific research, lectures, experiments, training, extension courses and graduation research. At the center's information processing room the main network server(mail, WWW, files, video, etc.), the campus gigabit-ethernet, the wireless LAN management and maintenance, and information security are all supervised.

​The center's four computer labs are equipped with 140 of the latest computers. These labs provide an educational and research oriented atmosphere where students can do activities such as reading and sending email, writing reports, making presentation materials, studying programming, and doing numerical analyses. Also, thanks to the wireless LAN, the network can be accessed from anywhere on campus, so even in the general classrooms it is possible to access these valuable resources.

Furthermore the e-Iearning environment and CALL system (computer equipped language laboratory) are arranged for delivering education utilising computers and networks etc. to enable self-learning, in addition to at school, from home too. The information Strategy and Technology Center carries the important role of being the school's main facility in charge of providing a rich educacation and research environment and is dedicated to fostering the independence and creativity of its users.

Library / Audio Visual Classroom

​The Library opened in April, 1966, and was moved to the present spot in March, 1973.

​It possesses not only technical books of various fields but books in general, series, and periodicals. There is also a collection of laser discs, compact discs and DVDs. Audiovisual classroom seats 204 people, which is approximately equal to the number of students in one grade (five departments). It is equipped with various mechanical contrivances so that we can utilize up-to-date audio-visual materials for teaching. We can watch and listen to the video and sound, which is stored in the video server, through PC which is connected to the LAN.

The Library is open to the public as well as to the students and the staff.

TRIAL* Research Center

The TRIAL* Research Center (Regional Collaboration Center for Technology) was established in February 2000.​

X-ray Diffractometer

​This center for joint study aims to improve students' ability for technical development, and to promote joint research and technical exchange with the local industry, which can stimulate education and research activities in our college. In accordance with the creative process, what we do in this center is functionally divided into four sections: information, planning, trial manufacture, and test and evaluation. The building for this center was completed at the end of the year 2000. The first equipment installed in the center is "New Material Development and Research System", which is already in use. The center is expected to be utilized as a place where one can try to create things beyond his or her field of research, and where one can learn technology which is closely connected with the traditional local industry. Moreover, it is open for the regional community, is used for our college tour by students from elementary schools, junior and senior high schools, and is a place for adults' lifelong education.

TRIAL* :Technology, Research, Integration, Assessment, Liability

The Technology and Education Support Center

The Technology and Education Support Center was established in April, 2008 with the goal of measuring and enhancing efficiency of operation of services concerning the school's education and research support, as well as the aptitude of classrooms' technology instructors.

The center's hierarchy is illustrated by the following diagram. Under the school president there are three groups; the Mechanical Control, Electronics and IT, and Architectural/Civil Engineering Materials groups.

With the goal of creating a more productive organization than in the past, the system has been rearranged so all technology instructors cooperate in planning experiments and participating in the laboratory.

Dormitory (Yuho-ryo)

​The dormitory of National Institute of Technology, Ishikawa College is named "Yuho-ryo" which derives from a famous phrase in Rongo, "有朋自遠方 不亦楽乎." It is a place to cultivate a sense of humanity, where mutual cooperation, confidence and close relationships between friends can be developed through communal efforts. Admissions are reallocated every year, giving priority to the lower-grade students residing outside the commuting distance. In total, 249 co-ed students are now living in dormitories at our college. They consist of three buildings each dormitory room accommodates between 1 and 4 students. All of the rooms contain a private locker and a bed. On top of this, two of the three dormitories' rooms have a study area which consists of a desk and a chair. The third dormitory has rooms both with and without the study area. There are also lounges, kitchens, computer rooms, a dining hall and a bath.

​The dormitories are managed by the student's committee under teachers' supervision. They hold a lot of events throughout the year. The dormitory at the National College of Technology is considered to be a real place to cultivate a sense of humanity.