Multidisciplinary Engineering

Multidisciplinary Engineering

The core subjects assigned to the 4th and 5th years of our regular courses, and the corresponding educational program of our advanced course, are designed as an integrated 4-year educational program. This program is designed to create engineers that meet global standards, and its goals are as follows:

  • A) To have students realize the value of utilizing technology to create new products, and to educate them to understand the importance of strenuous efforts.
  • B) To educate students to identify problems and to find rational solutions, using specialized knowledge.
  • C) To help students develop their linguistic skills and have better understanding of the global community, and to educate future engineers who can take society and the natural environment into consideration.
  • D) To educate future engineers who use practical experience to deal with real problems of society.
  • E) To educate future engineers who are able to carry out a team-project deliberately and to give a logical presentation.

This program consists of two courses ;

  • 1) Composite Engineering Course to educate engineers who are equipped with knowledge of diverse fields of engineering and explore it widely.
  • 2) Specialized Engineering Course to educate engineers who work in a specialized field of engineering and explore it thoroughly.

JABEE Accredited Program

​In May, 206, the Department of General Engineering's Combined Engineering Course received accreditation from the Japan Accreditation Board for Engineering Education (JABEE).

Students who have completed the course are recognized by JABEE's concerted standards as having obtained the fundamental knowledge and skills necessary for engineering, and can thus enter into society as qualified international engineers.